Saturday, December 16th, 2017 10:52 AM PDT
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Dear BMW Motorcycle Dealer
As you may know by now, Danny Gray and AirHawk have come together to transform the metric motorcycle seating industry with a new line of seats starting with the BMW R 1200 GS and GS Adventure. Together, AirHawk and Danny Gray have redefined what a comfortable metric motorcycle seat should really be. This new AirHawk saddle provides scientifically proven comfort air technology that was manufactured for Harley Davidson for the last three years with the sleek design and high quality delivered for the past thirty years by the Danny Gray brand.

Danny Gray's new, patented Independent Suspension Technology - IST - is built into all of AirHawk's new BMW seats. It eliminates the compression and shock your body endures from riding on a traditional solid seat pan. Add a scientifically proven integrated AirHawk module and you have one of the most comfortable seats ever manufactured. Result? You can enjoy longer, more comfortable rides.

AirHawk's patented air system eliminates painful pressure points and is fully customizable to each rider's contour. For over 14 years, experienced riders have appreciated the benefits of AirHawk technology in AirHawk cushions. Now, riders can enjoy the same benefits they've always known of AirHawk, and have it built into their seat on BMW bikes.

AirHawk's air module has small, interconnected air cells that evenly distribute your weight and pressure over the entire motorcycle seat, reducing the "hot spots" that cause pain. The air cells also work as mini shock absorbers, reducing vibration. This system distributes pressure resulting in a longer, more comfortable ride.

At AirHawk we say "The last mile should feel like the first!" Memory foam can't do it. Gel seats don't do it. Only a genuine AirHawk saddle does it. Our new seats are offered in air and non-air versions with saddle and pillion sold separately. Please see enclosed sales sheet for pricing and options.

For those interested in placing an order or obtaining more information and a sales sheet with dealer prices for AirHawk products, please call us at (888) 443-2669, email us at or check out our new website at where you can see in-depth technical info on IST and AirHawk technologies.

You may also request additional copies of our new BMW Seats sales sheet with only MSRP prices for your customers. They are available via email as well.

Sincerely, John Strahl VP Marketing & Sales