Saturday, December 16th, 2017 10:56 AM PDT
Photo courtesy: Yelvington Designs Click to download high resolution image Announces New Dyna and FLH Trike Conversions for 2005-2015 Harley-Davidson Models
Twitter introduced two new trike conversion models today...The Dyna Trike and the FLH Trike. Unlike the competition, Yelvington Trikes accommodates all exhausts, even the stockers. Now you can convert to the comfort and convenience of three wheels and keep all your accessories and exhaust on your bike. Yelvington Trikes integrates a new swingarm so you can keep yours should you ever want to go back to the "two wheel" dark side. Yelvington combines the classic styling of your bike model, the functionality of the Yelvington conversion and your imagination to create the complete "Rolling Art" trike package. dealers are adding an additional profit center by selling Yelvington Trike conversions in their dealerships. As a dealer, you have affordable options for your customers that are considering a three wheel alternative.

For the V-Twin riders that may have a physical disadvantage or are simply getting older, trikes have become an accepted mainstream option to keep them on the road. Many of these riders have spent years and thousands of dollars to accessorize and personalize their motorcycles. Now that they need a trike they do not want to start over. They like their bikes, they just need three wheels!

Yelvington Trike conversion kits are available for the V-twin market including all Touring, Dyna, and Sportster models from 2000-2015. Installation is simple, there are no modifications to the motorcycle and conversion can be reversed should you purchase a different bike in the future. is not just another trike builder, but a company that strives to provide its customers with high quality products that make their rides more enjoyable. is a state-of-the-art company involved with cutting edge products for both the trike market as well as the conventional V-twin market. All trike conversions are aerospace designed, CNC precision built and Made in USA.

To contact, please call 727-233-3610, email Mark Russell at, or check them out at