Sunday, February 18th, 2018 05:48 PM PDT
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Hollister and Corbin's 6th Annual Rider Appreciation Day a Huge Success!
Hollister, CA- Friday July 3rd and the day starts with beautiful weather...the kind of weather riders' dream of. Everything was in place...over a hundred vendors had their displays set up downtown and all over Hollister and 20+ venders were set up on Corbin's property. Indian Motorcycles had quite an impressive presence in Hollister this year. As the sun started rising up over the horizon, you can hear the gentle rumble of bikes off in the distance getting closer until the town and Corbin's property was packed. The Hollister Rally and Corbin Open House was well attended and professionally organized. Thousands showed up from all over the country to attend this event as well as Corbin's 6th Annual Rider Appreciation Day. Many riders arrived Thursday evening, but in 24 short hours, Hollister with a population of 35,437 grew to almost double its size, all sharing the same common Estimated attendance for the rally was over 40,000. Bikes lined the streets of San Benito for the 3 day rally and there was a constant flow of bike traffic cruising the street.

Many of the more recognized names in the industry were at Corbin's... Sonny Barger, an American Legend and founding member (1957) of the Oakland, California, U.S. chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the original rally visionary, Sonny had copies of his book and movie "Dead in Five Heartbeats" available for purchase and signing. Joining Sonny in the Corbin showroom this year was Phil Cross, author of "Gypsy Joker to A Hells Angel".

There was plenty to do, hear, eat and see at Corbin's. There was Nate's Mobile DJ that kept the music rollin' all weekend long non-stop. There was also live rock and roll music throughout the day which provided a nice touch while strolling around and checking out the products offered from the different venders. Mike's Grandson Sean made some special guest appearances throughout the weekend playing his composed music Time Aperture.

The Biker Bob Memorial Bike Show in association with the IMBBA was a total success. This was IMBBA's first time ever judging a bike show in the great state of California. This is good news for builders who until Mike Corbin invited IMBBA to judge their Bike show that let builders know they don't have to truck their wares to Sturgis or Texas or Arkansas to get fair judging by IMBBA and work towards certification in our trade.

This year Mike named the Bike show after the loss of a dear friend Biker Bob, whose wife Donna was there with his restored bike to raffle it off at the bike show. IMBBA President, Jeff Starke, paid a tribute to Biker Bob by reciting a poem on Freedom as a dedication prior to the Awards ceremony. The first Award was presented by Mike Corbin titled the "Hollister Rally Bike Show award" and given to Donna in memory of her husband "Biker Bob" in appreciation of the contributions made to the Hollister rally for many years.

The show, displayed bikes of variety and customization, Big wheel baggers, theme bikes and one off customs along with choppers and three wheelers. Class Prizes were $450.00 cash and the Best of Show received $600.00.

This year Sam Baldi took "Best of Show" at Corbin's. Sam is no stranger to the winners circle, he was the winner of the IMBBA National Championship held in Sturgis three years prior with an outstanding custom. IMBBA challenged him to build another and he was to enter it into IMBBA's World Competition when his Daughter passed away. This along with delays in paint held up its completion. Sam, inspired by this unexpected life changer, to build the bike as a tribute to his daughter, and as such brought it to The Mike Corbin Biker Bob Memorial Bike Show where he knew points could be had for the building of this bike through judging by the IMBBA. Well he not only accomplished his mission and was awarded "Best of Show", but he also received an invite to attend the IMBBA world Competition Bike show, sponsored by Emirates Bike Festival held this November in Dubai, UAE.

Corbin was running free factory tours throughout the day and offered a 10% event discount and free installation to everyone that attended the rally which caused a traffic jam of bikes getting custom seats tailor made to fit their bikes and bodies. All in all, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I for one am looking forward to attending Hollister and Corbin for years to come.
For those interested in obtaining more information on Corbin, you can reach them at 800-538-7035 or online at Visit Corbin Headquarters at 2360 Technology Parkway, Hollister, CA. 95023 or Corbin Florida at 1433 US Highway 1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174.