Sunday, February 18th, 2018 05:45 PM PDT
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V-Twin Marketing Locks Down Another Account…ShockStrap
Anaheim Hills, CA - ShockStrap, manufacturers of the world famous shock absorbing tie down, has hired V-Twin Marketing as their agency of record. ShockStrap is a unique shock absorbing tie down that incorporates three of the most versatile tie down principals into one superior system. It is quick and easy like a motorcycle tie down, has the reliability of a ratchet system and versatility of a shock cord.

Fred Gill, President of ShockStrap stated, "We incorporate a ShockStrap that when stretched maintains tension on the webbing, locking it into the buckle. When road vibrations cause loads to shift and settle, other tie downs can loosen and become unsafe. Under these conditions, our ShockStrap stretches acting like a shock absorber and contracts with the load keeping it secure."

"We interviewed several agencies and found that V-Twin Marketing has been in the industry for 35+ years and is very respected by their peers. We feel that VTM will help us build our dealer base and spread the word about the best tie down on the market...ShockStrap." We were thoroughly impressed with the number of media contacts he has both domestically as well as internationally and his dealer list contains every type of dealer imaginable", concluded Fred.

Rick Raus, President of V-Twin Marketing stated, "I am very honored to have been chosen and will work hand in hand with Fred Gill, President of ShockStrap on developing and expanding their dealer base. I've used tie downs my entire life and know what can go wrong like your favorite toy getting loose and banged up because it was bouncing around or came completely undone. ShockStrap gives so you never have to worry about checking your tie downs every 30-60 miles you travel like other tie downs.

One of the reasons that tie downs become loose is that the webbing will stretch under a load. Polypropylene is a form of plastic and can stretch over 50% while under load which makes for as bad tie down...too much give causes damage. Nylon tends to stretch between 20 to 30% under a 2500-pound load. Polyester, which ShockStrap is made of only, stretches only 5 to 15%, making polyester webbing ideal for heavy loads.

Keeping your load safe and secure is extremely important. A tie down must be able to withstand UV radiation, water and abrasion as well as have a high break strength and a minimal amount of fiber stretch. Using stretchy tie down webbing can cause damage because the stretchy strap lacks the tension needed to keep the load secure. Abraded webbing can increase the chance that the tie down will fail. When comparing overall safety of tie down materials, Polyester webbing is the clear winner.

Available in an assortment of colors in 6', 10' and 19' Lengths for your BIG Toys. To order call: 888-334-3456 or shop online at For more information on VTM, please contact or call 714-280-8537.