Sunday, February 18th, 2018 05:39 PM PDT
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"Love Jugs...Look What They're Saying Behind Our Backs"
It is no secret Harley-Davidson engines can get hot and stay that way during normal day-to-day operation. The engine heat can soar, especially in stop and go traffic, at rallies and during most summertime riding. And that is a big stress for both rider and machine.

Only Love Jugs has the solution that dramatically reduces the operating temperature of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin. It is simple to install, really looks great and is at a price that is half or what you would expect to pay. But don't take our word for it..."Look at What the Experts are Saying Behind Our Backs!"

"And yes... I do LOVE JUGS! I have had two Harley Techs tell me because of the addition of the Love Jugs & an oil cooling system I have possibly extended the life of the most expensive part of my Harley - the motor, by about 50,000 miles. To me that is the best endorsement of a product I have ever given". And that is a great insurance policy and peace of mind for me. Plus they come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Jimmy and Pat Kay Producers of Two Wheel Thunder TV - Contributing Editors for National Magazines

"Love Jugs knocked it out of the park! Simply the best and most cost effective way to cool your Harley!" Randy "Zook" Johnston President/CEO-Trike Talk Forum

"Love Jugs...A set of fans that does a great job of dropping your engine's temperature. After waiting until the head was 400 F - way hotter than you should allow your engine to get - I turned on the fans and started the clock. After four minutes, I took my reading: the cylinder head temp had dropped 70 F! Bottom line: I was impressed! Love Jugs definitely work well." Chris Maida Editor-American Iron Magazine "Love Jugs has come up with a fantastic product...built very strong, very rugged..." "This company stands behind their product like no company I've seen before." "You will see a dramatic cooling difference. This system really works." Bob LaRosa - TV Personality and "Gearhead" Fix My Hog Awards 10 Best New Products at Cincinnati Expo The 2015 Cincinnati V-Twin Expo was a smorgasbord for the cruiser and custom motorcycle crowd. With approximately 180 vendors attending this year's expo, it took two days of pounding the pavement to take it all in. compiled a list of Ten Top Products sure to be a hit with the cruiser crowd in 2015 and Love Jugs was one of them. Love Jugs Cooling System for Harley Engines - Anybody who's been stuck in traffic on their Harley on a blistering hot day knows how that big V-Twin can roast your thighs to well-done! Love Jugs aims to remedy that problem with their bolt-on cooling system for Harley engines. Bryan Harley - Cruiser Editor

The Cool-Master comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, a full One Year Warranty and is available in show polished stainless steel, gloss black powder coated and mat black finishes. Its unique patented design looks as great as it works. Get ready to really enjoy your ride - Use Love Jugs Cool-Master to make your Harley Super COOL!

The Love Jugs Black Cool-Master is available at Love Jugs Authorized Dealers and on the company website. For more information, please contact: Hammerhead Engineering CEO Steve West at or visit the web site: Dealers and Distributors are invited to inquire.